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22 Dec 2015

Top 5 health-wearables to watch out for in 2016

Have a sneak peek, which wearable techs are going to revolutionise the healthcare and technology industry in 2016.

It is that time of the year when Jeevom is setting aside the thoughts of rum balls and walnut pies and bringing you what is going to turn heads in the wearable tech world in 2016. Its time to bid adieu to this year’s super memory Apple watch and Xiaomi launch, which grabbed headlines in 2015 and see which wearable techs are going to rule the roost in 2016. Here is Jeevom’s healthcare innovation team’s our predictions.


There are many wearable techs, which track and monitor your sleep hours and tell your sleep quality but there is none yet, which would actually improve your sleep quality.  The Kokoon-in ear sleep headphones are going to create a boom in 2016, which is actually designed to improve your sleep pattern.


Xmetrics is especially carved for swimming professionals and enthusiasts, which properly sits on the rear side of your head and minimises drag and monitors a broader set of biomechanics than any other swimming wearable techs. It comes with breath counts, kick-turn times, and stroke efficiency along with all other usuals - all fed back to you in real time audio; it's a far more detailed and complete platform than anyone's made before.

3- New Moto 360

The very reasonable new Moto 360 sport monitors heart rate and with all the smart watch features in it.

2- Crowdfunded Athena

Wearable techs those are worn in special positions of our body increases the chance of them to become real time lifesavers. Crowdfunded Athena is coming up with its promise to protect women with the help of an inbuilt GPS alert and alarm. Starting from storing medical records to warn people about flood situations and earthquakes, wearable techs are going to make heads turn in 2016.

1- Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s path breaking success in the field of Mi bands in 2015 and even bigger plans in the domain of fitbits in the year 2016 is going to be even gross. In the year 2015 Xiaomi was in the second position following Fitbit. 2016 is going to envisage the heart-rate tracker Mi Band 1S,aceramic tracker that is named as Amazefit and of course Xiaomi’s long awaited Smart watch will be unveiled in 2016.




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