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15 Dec 2015

Garbage enzyme; the next shout in ecology

The thickening of Ozone layer and increasing global warming are universal worries, which are calling huge attention worldwide. In such a scenario where everybody is looking for an answer we have got you an impactful news that would create a green-balance! The very impactful garbage enzyme is the next big shout in the dictionary of ecology. The best part is that the garbage enzymes can be prepared by anyone with minimum ingredients.

Garbage enzyme-  Boon for Agriculture

Garbage enzyme is that environment friendly enzyme, which can benefit us by giving us a cleaner environment and healthier body. This garbage enzyme can be utilized as a spray enzyme around the animal farm in order to reduce infection or to keep the insects at bay. Apart from this, the garbage enzymes are proved quite beneficial when used in crop fields. The crops started growing faster and were market ready in comparatively lesser time. Water ponds shown much clearer sight in a day when used directly on the water and it does not dry up.

Garbage enzyme- Going green was never this easier

If we are directly or indirectly looking for a miracle in the field of environment pollution prevention the garbage enzyme is the right answer. With the garbage enzyme, we can save the environment in a friendly manner. Cleaning from kitchen stains to, cleaning fruits and vegetables, the garbage enzyme helps cleaning up everything in a more organic manner.

Garbage enzymes- Shine with your own organic personal hygiene

Garbage enzymes are also used to make you beautiful! Yes, you read it right. With the help of Garbage enzymes you can create your own body wash, hand wash, washing detergent and body lotion.

This eco friendly garbage enzyme is the brain child of Dr. Rosukon Poompanvong who is from Thailand.  She has been actively involved in enzyme research for more than 30 years and encourages people to make garbage enzyme at home to recover our Ozone layer and ease global warming




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