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16 Dec 2015

Know hows about Garbage enzyme

Garbage enzyme is the next new buzz amongst the save-environment fraternity. This eco friendly enzyme is not only an environment-saver but also could be used in a multiple way to make the world a better place to live in. Starting from cleaner environment to organic farming to personal hygiene, the garbage enzyme has shown its forte almost everywhere. Here we are revealing how to create your own garbage enzyme with the use of very minimum and easily available ingredients.

How to produce garbage enzyme at home

Ingredients in ratio to produce garbage enzyme

Black Sugar/ Jaggery : 1 part

Kitchen Waste/ mostly vegetable waste : 3parts

Water : 10 parts

Put all the ingredients inside an air tight Jar. Close the lid and stir them well. Start the fermentation procedure from the very first day. In the middle of the process there might be high content of gas formed inside the jar. If you find the lid tight then try to make a small hole in it. . After 3 months, extract out the water and leave only the sediment. The sediment can be dried to become fertilizer or may left for the next fermentation process.

Precautions to keep in mind while fermenting garbage enzymes

During the very first week, higher amount of gas is produced out of the mixture, so it is recommended  to keep a check every 4-6 hours intervals and if it is found too tight and tensed, release the pressure by slowly loosening the cap of bottle or punching a hole in the lid.

Facts about the garbage enzyme

  •  Enzyme never expires. The older it gets- the stronger and the better it becomes.
  •  Enzyme when mixed with water and its power is enhanced.
  •  Garbage enzyme is only to be used externally.
  •  When you find worms in the fermented mixture in the middle of the fermentation process, never get worried. Add extra sugar to   the mixture and close the lid tight The worms will be dissolved in few days.


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