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09 Dec 2015

SPARSH Health Mela in association with Jeevom

Jeevom, believes in spreading Health. Because, Jeevom believes in Good. Reaching out to emotions across miles. Jeevom feels the love of a healthy India. Jeevom helps the world become a more beautiful place to live in by celebrating health. In return, Jeevom receives that, what money can’t buy. Your emotions, our priority. Be a part in Spreading healthcare with Jeevom’s Health Social. Eager to spread health with you at 5th SPARSH Health Mela on 13/12/2015 at Sun Valley International School, Vaishali, Ghaziabad. Let us celebrate health together.

With Jeevom, believe in #DoingGood!

Jeevom plans to revolutionize the healthcare ecosystem on global level. It is a cloud based platform that connects the consumers to the service providers in the healthcare space through a multitude of applications available on your preferred mobile device and web browsers. This "Cloud n Crowd" Solution simplifies the day to day life of healthcare professionals, service providers and consumers by enabling the planning, tracking, Organizing and collaboration in the context of the health, wellness and medical needs. This "Big & Mighty" SaaS platform for the masses could not have been built without our team's excellent craftsmanship, endurance and commitment. We take pride in each baby step that powered the realization of this grand vision.