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23 Dec 2015

7 top fitness trends for Delhiites in 2016

It is that time of the year when we cannot but control our zest to embrace a brand new year ahead. A new opportunity to change the bad and worse in us and be better everyday by inculcating and adapting newer trends and habits. In such a scenario, fitness comes as the most sought after resolution goals. Delhiites are known as the most trend freaks and fitness buffs. So here Jeevom’s fitness team is bringing you top 7 fitness trends for Delhiites. Delhiites, check this out! Your share of fitness trends is already on the platter!

1-High-Intensity-Interval-Training- (HIIT)

Most of the HIIT sessions are conducted within the span of 30 minutes. This includes short span of exercise that is generally followed by resting and recovering span. This resting/recovery span is generally short and varied like the workout duration.

2-Short-span workouts

Short workout trend is a very much upcoming trend in 2016. It is quite attainable and consistent way to stay fit. In today’s busy and hectic schedule it is not at all easy to stick to longer work out sessions. So maintaining a short and healthy workout session of 30 minutes or 45 minutes, on a regular basis is definitely the key to stay healthy. After all, less is more!

3-Online workouts

When everything is going online, fitness should not stay offline. The online workout trend gained tremendous popularity in 2015 and is going to be an essential in 2016. The best part of the online workout regimen is that you literally do not have the hassles to find an effective gym. There are so many effective workout sessions available by streaming on iTunes or YouTube. Dear, Delhiites, go grab one for yourself!


Telemetry was a buzzword amongst the techie fitness freaks in 2015. This Telemetry is going to be in trend in 2016 with its even effective version. Telemetry is one of the famous tech trend that includes monitoring your daily activities, wristbands to track sleep pattern and pulse monitoring. It is one of the most used trends amongst members of fitness clubs who are involved in activities like running or cycling.

5-Boot camps

Bootcamps are famous among the groups who are more into complex and intense trainings. These camps improve endurance and strength in the practitioners.

6-Boutique fitness

As the name suggests, boutique fitness gives better personal approach to health and fitness. Aerial yoga, cycling and in door rowing are some of the fitness programmes, which are conducted in the middle of very specific studios.

7-Zumba or dance parties

Organized Zumba lessons or workout parties can be fun. Workout parties mixed with DJ and music is a rocking idea that is going to be in high trend in the coming year. The session might give the feeling of a party but will actually raise your heart rate, burn calories and make you body beautiful!

Healthy is in! Be ready to meet the beautiful you in 2016 with Jeevom’s fitness trend check.


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