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21 Dec 2015

Healthy and attainable new year resolutions

New year is around the corner and we are ready to embrace a brand new year ahead. To start our year afresh we all are set to make our own shares of new year resolution. This year, unlike our previous years let us make resolutions, which are attainable and healthy.

1-Set a Smart goal

A smart goal is that, which is measurable, really attainable and specific. At accomplishment of your goal, reward youself. The reward might be a vacation or a spa. Never forget to reward yourself something worthwhile, when you set the goal for yourself.

2-Be generous to yourself

If you ate a person who does not gym at all then do not force a resolution upon yourself by saying that you will gym everyday. Go slow. Instead of this you can keep in your resolution that initially you would start with 3 days a week and later on when you are already in track you will increase the frequency gradually.


Keep more focus on performance based goals rather than aesthetics goals. You should be more focused on maintaining the fluidity and movement of your body by setting goals like touching feet. This is attainable, healthy, less pressurizing and you will feel good about yourself by accomplishing it.

4-Keep journaling

Journaling is the best way to start and winding your day. You can start your day by simply reading a nice quote followed by writing three things that you want to achieve today. At the end of the day go back open the diary and note down three things you liked today. This sounds silly. But trust me, it really works!

5-Find a fitness buddy

Its always motivating to find a friend with the similar goal. This arises healthy competition which makes your goal attainable.

6-Don’t stress about achieving them

Don’t be strict with yourself, go calm. Moving is important. No matter if you move for 10 minutes instead of an hour. But be consistent with your goal.




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