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17 Nov 2015

Winter is here!

We all are feeling a nip in the air for a while now! Whoa!!  Winter is knocking the door. Though we are waiting with all our zest to embrace the season of festivity we cannot ignore the health concerns those are a part and parcel of this season. Common cold, flu, viral fever, dry and dehydrated skin, bad immunity are some of the major health problems we generally suffer from in winter. But with an enhanced care and certain preventive measures we can for sure enjoy this season of festivities.

Measures to be taken for a healthier and happier ’You’ this winter

  • A balanced diet

Someone made this statement, “You are what you eat” and this is such a truth! Yes, having a balanced diet would of course provide you a healthier and stronger immunity. And the beginning of your journey of health starts very well from here! Always opt for a rainbow diet that includes good number of colourful vegetables and fruits in it. Try including yellow, red and green pepper, broccolis, mushrooms, fresh curd, oranges, lemon, lean meat, fish, pulses, lentil, leafy greens and so on for a balanced diet.

  • Do not hog on junk food

Getting hungry is the best sign from your body to you that you are healthy. But screwing this up eating junk food is not at all a good practice in the process of staying healthy. In winter, a majority of the people look forward to eat hot, spicy and deep fried food. This kind of food not only make you unhealthier but also can give you some diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, which you might pass on to your next generations too as a hereditary disease! You won’t want this, will you? So, this winter promise yourself to eat more of organic food items instead of filling your system with junk. You can look for detoxification routines as well for a fitter you this winter. To tackle with your midnight hunger pang you can store some nuts or muesli handy.

  • An active life

Winter comes with its own share of coziness. We all love this, the most about winter. But exercising is equally important to keep you active and up for all the winter festivities and fun. You can keep many diseases at bay if you move out of you house might be with your kids and pets and enjoy playing some kind of outdoor game. On weekends, instead of planning hardcore exercise you can go for aerobics, dance classes, yoga and so on. You can go for a family picnic that would be packed with whole lot of outdoor games and of course enough sunshine.

  • Water your body this winter

It is the winter chill that does not make us feel thirsty more often or might be our reluctance of drinking cold water. Whatever the reason may be, do not forget to water your body. You can use a flask to store the water in room temperature. Try not to indulge yourself in drinking too much of caffeine.

  • Enjoy the sun

Nothing can beat the amazingness of basking in the winter sun in a chilly winter noon. If we put the fun part aside, getting enough sunshine is also essential for your bones to get enough vitamin-D. Vitamin-D helps to absorb the necessary amount of calcium required for your body from food. Calcium and vitamin D combined together maintain our bone health. Before going into basking you can put sunscreen liberally all over your exposed body part if your fear tanning.


So, this winter be healthy and keep your sunny side up!



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