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17 Dec 2015

Winter Vacation health hacks

Winter days are all about having winter holidays and vacations. To get a family time and stay active in these winter months you might be planning a travel trip to one of the most happening places in India or abroad. Before you are all set to put your travel shoes on, wait a while and give a read to this article on how to stay healthy while having fun on your winter holidays.

Carry right clothing

It is really essential that you carry weather specific clothes with you to keep yourself warm and comfortable. Whether your vacay destination is a snow-capped hill station or a sea beach, it is important to keep yourself fit and active. Carry some light yet warm winter clothes with you. As they say, “there is nothing called bad weather, its all about dressing well”. So dress right and enjoy winter holidays with good health.

Travel vaccinations are mandatory

Are you planning to travel abroad? Look for beforehand what all vaccinations are needed to be taken. This way you will not carry or bring back infections with you while travelling.

Carry extra bottle of sunscreen

You must be thinking sunscreen is not needed on cloud/foggy winter days. Sunlight gives you enough energy but excess exposure in sun can cause suntan or skin cancer. So try to avoid sun from 12PM-3 PM. And put sunscreen even if you stay in door to get UV protection.

Stay away from allergy causing food

If you are allergic to certain food items then keep a check on the ingredients of food products you eat, which are not right for you. Same concept goes with picking your medicines as well. If you get allergic reactions then your entire vacay plan might go to trash.

Carry some basic medicines along with you

The basic medicines are like some of the safe antibiotics, antacids, and nasal drops. Apart from that you can carry a portable electric blanket with you if you are going to a snowy destination.

With these vacation-health tips, hope you are going to have a super chilled winter vacation. Stay updated with Jeevom’s health articles and stay blessed with good health!

Bon voyage!!

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